Thursday, 5 November 2015


I wish I was living in a big house with a huge garden where I could grow my little carrots, my beetroots, my kale and my juicy tomatoes, like many famous food bloggers do, but I live in a 30 meter square flat with my boyfriend Jack, and I grow my little salad in fruit boxes on my small terrace.
I wish I could say I grew up in a farm surrounded by beautiful fruit trees and lots of delicious veggies everywhere watching all the seasons passing by with their different colours and perfumes,  like many famous food bloggers do, but I grew up in a flat, near the beach, and I used to eat tomatoes and zucchini all the year around (my mum loves them!) without knowing the existence of leeks and pumpkin to name a few.
I wish I could say that I love cooking because I used to help my grandmother in the kitchen when I was a little girl,  like many famous food bloggers do, but my grandmother passed away before I was born and what I have been left with are just her passion for cooking and one of her rings, which I wear every day without taking it off. Never. 
I wish I was a talented graphic designer, like many famous food bloggers are, to be able to create an awesome website by myself, but I'm not, and I have to use blog spot to share with you all my thoughts in the quickest way.
I wish I was a great photographer,  like many famous food bloggers are, but I’m not good at all with my camera. I bough a Canon, a pretty good lens, but I can’t be bothered to make a set as I should, to use my tripod and I usually end up taking unstable photos standing on my knees. 
I wish I could say cooking has always been my passion, like many famous food bloggers do, but I realized I loved cooking while watching a stupid tv show.
I wish my English was perfect, like the one of many famous food bloggers, but, as you can tell, it's not. I'm Italian and I hope you will be understanding if I make mistakes.
I wish I was 24, like many famous food bloggers are, with the best years of my life in front of me, with the feeling to be still young to make mistakes, but I am 30, I am an engineer, a structural engineer, I designed the biggest Exhibition Centre of Indonesia, a hotel in Melbourne, a seven floor stair in Sydney and a 2 km railway viaduct in Algeria, but, unfortunately, I realized this is not my way. 
I am 30 and I decided to start studying holistic nutrition and I’m just about to quit my successful job to follow my heart and my dream: sharing with people my love for food and nutrition
Crazy? Probably Hopefully not.

Yes, as you can tell, my life is not quite the one "I wish I had”, but you know what? I’M HAPPY. I’m happy with my veggies growing in the fruit boxes, with my ring always with me, with my love for cooking, with my messy life and my worries about the future. I'm happy because I'm starting this little blog with the hope my recipes and nutrition tips will be helpful to you. And I'm happy because, even if I'm thirty, I still dream of becoming a famous food blogger. 

I’ll be sharing pieces of my life and bringing you in my tiny, little kitchen with me.
Hope you will enjoy this journey.

Lots of love


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