My name is Emanuela, I'm a 30 year old Italian girl and I just decided to completely change my life.

I am a structural engineer and I worked for Arup both in the Milan and Sydney Offices. My carrear as an engineer has been brilliant and with lots of satisfactions, BUT, in the deep of my heart I have always felt it was not my way.
I'm now studying Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition through the distance course and I'm loving it. I am learning how we work as a whole, I'm understanding that every single part of our bodies is strictly connected to the others, that every emotion leaves a lasting mark in our bodies and that the food choices we do can definitely change our lives, as happened to me.

I have always though to eat healthy, but when my period started being irregular my intestine decided not to work anymore from one day to another, then I realized that something was wrong with me, or better, with my diet. I was diagnosed with celiac disease when I was 23. I started following a gluten free diet, but nothing changed. My period was still irregular and my intestine was still striking. Nobody seemed to be able to help me unless by giving me drugs. I hated it.
And then I met Michela, a food blogger passionate about macrobiotic medicine and she told me that what I need was simply eating a whole food plant based diet, and so I did. In a couple of mounts my intestine was working as it should. I felt another person. My period? It needed something more than just eating properly, it needed love: only when I moved in with Jack, my boyfriend, everything solved itself like magic. There has been a further step since then: when I was living in Sydney, last year, I felt I needed to detox my body so I decided to embrace a raw vegan diet, which made me feel great, like I've never felt in my all life. I've been fully raw for 8 months and now that I'm back to Italy, I eat again legumes, whole grains and I cook my vegetables again because I love all of them too much to give them up. Now and then I enjoy a piece of good goat cheese and eat some eggs too.

And what about cooking? When I was 18 I found out that cooking was pretty cool. When I was 24 I found myself working in a professional kitchen during the weekend -while working as en engineer during the week-. Since then, my passion has grown more and more especially when I had to give up gluten and now that I cook vegetarian and vegan most of the time.
I love experimenting in my tiny little kitchen and creating easy, delicious and nutritious recipes for all the people I love.

I hope that this blog can be helpful to those of you who are trying to embrace a more natural and whole food diet, whether omnivore, vegetarian or vegan.
My wish is that by reading my little blog, you will become more aware about how important are your food choices, how your body works and how to learn to listen to it: he perfectly knows what is good for himself. Just listen to it, he perfectly knows how to make you feel fantastic!

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